Massive amount of icmp packages GL-AXT1800

New GL.Inet user here but not new to OpenWrt and never seen this on vanilla OpenWrt nor on the Turris flavor of OpenWrt but my GL-AXT1800 is constantly pinging Google which I really want to have disabled.

I’ve tried disabling mwan3 but it keeps pinging, even completely removing mwan3 doesn’t stop it from pinging Completely removing mwan3 does break the admin panel though, disabling it only gives me a message that the internet can’t be reached but could live with that if the massive amounts of icmp packages towards Google would stop.

Every topic I’ve seen about this issue advises to remove mwan3, unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work on the GL-AXT1800/Version: 4.0.3

Another issue I have is that the plugins don’t work like discussed here:

I can view the plugins when disabling mwan3, they don’t update but at least it shows a list with plugins.

The reason for ping is to detect network connections. If you have updated to version 4.1, you can find this setting in Multi-WAN. You can change it to another IP or simply turn it off.

Thank you for your help Yuxin, I’ve updated to 4.1 and have indeed the option to disable it in the admin panel, but disabling it there gives the same result as previously disabling mwan3 through Luci.
It keeps pinging, changing the IP however works to stop it from pinging the google dns servers, so I’ve changed the IP for now and changed the track interval to 30min.
Disabling completely doesn’t seem to work though, then it reverts back to the default behavior of pinging every 5 seconds to

Sounds like it could be a OpenWRT mwan3 issue and should be posted on their bug board.

We will try to reproduce and fix this issue, could you please tell us.

  • Have you disabled status tracking for all interfaces?
  • Does the pinging of stop if you disabled the LED in System → Overview?
  • By what method do you determine that it is still pinging