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I recently bought E750 Mudi device. Unfortunately while playing with CLI (ssh access) I run mcu_update program with /etc/config/mcu parameter :frowning: Now my LCD displays only “MCU Update” message. What can I do? Anybody has original firmware for this MCU? I would like to reflash it with proper firmware.


Ok. Another question: is it possible to refresh firmware that was flashed wrongly. Currently:

ubus call service delete ‘{“name”:“e750_mcu”}’
mcu_update e750-mcu-V1.0.7-56a1cad7f0eb8318ebe3c3c46a4cf3ff.bin

and waiting… (almost 20 minutes)

You can find the tutorial to flash the clean firmware here:

Thanks for the hint but as far as I understand this procedure works when openwrt/gl.inet firmware is broken. My problem is a little bit different as I broke MCU firmware :frowning: And it means that device doesn’t respond when I press power on / shutdown button.

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Does the E750 boot automatically when plugged in? If so, that’s a way you could try to do it, hold the reset button and then plug the device in.

Ok. I flashed firmware using U-boot procedure but it didn’t help. I’ve factory firmware but display is still inactive.


Hmm then I am at a loss :confused:

You should try contacting the support by email:

They are able to sent you specific firmware for specific issues. They once saved me after I messed up flashing OpenWRT😄

There is a second reset button. There is a MCU reset pin near it on PCB. Anyone knows something about it?


I never knew about that😄

Thus I’m afraid im no further help here, but maybe @alzhao could take a look?

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The reset the mcu.

When pressed, the router just reboot.

This fixes if the screen just died or the router is not be abled to turn on/off.

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Hi @alzhao

So the question is: is it possible to repair (reflash) the MCU that I broke with command:

mcu_update /etc/config/mcu

It seems that mcu_update doesn’t check input file and just tries to push it to MCU. I found 1.0.7 firmware on this forum but I think software connection to MCU is lost because of above command. Is there any way to upload proper firmware or should I live with blank LED screen?

Kind regards,

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If you rebooted already, then the MCU cannot be debrick from the openwrt directly. Have to reflash the chipset.

Any hint/description for MCU pinout? I’ve some programming/flashing interfaces in my drawer :slight_smile: Probably I can try to do it…

Thanks for support.

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Here is the official burning software
There are 5 solder joints on the board

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Thanks for this information, I was able to fix my unit using the .bin firmware with a nulink programmer clone (bulink) and software from the link above. Though I don’t know why the mcu firmware upgrade failed with the mcu_update command… (I have more success upgrading MCU firmware with the latest beta).

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