Meet Brume 2!

Just found out that Brume 2 product page is online. (MTK solution) :slight_smile:

GL-MT2500 / Brume 2 - GL.iNet (

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does anybody know if the brume2 will have clean firmware downloadable direct from
or just the gl-inet OS, the fork of openwrt, as with the axt1800?

so far no mention at

and no mention of Ubuntu?

This new Brume looks super cool! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Ubuntu on the Brume was outdated, wasn’t it?

sorry, i do not know,

all i know is that the brume is advertised as compatible with ubuntu.
and the brume2 is not advertised as such.

just want to know upfront, what plans, if any, glinet has in terms of
— stock firmware available from
— ubuntu

and no details at

It will not be compatible with ubuntu. But it will run the latest Openwrt.


It looks like an apple TV, pass

Does the Brume2 have wifi chipset?

It has 2 model numbers (GL-MT2500 / GL-MT2500A) so it might be like Brume has a Wi-Fi version or ? :slight_smile:

You need a USB wifi toggle to get WiFi. Two models are based on two designs, one in metal case and the other in plastic case.

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Wonder how many of you will use a wifi toggle with Brume? We have other wifi routers, but this one aims to provide wire connection only for security gateway at home.

I can think of two situations, at least:

  1. I’d like to use a 5G modem and not a mobile phone. (maybe because of better cell coverage as LTE in my area)
  2. Maybe I’d like to use my WLAN with external antenna, to break out of a shielded area or for a directional setup.

In both cases I can use the great GL.iNet Plattform, but can’t use any of the provided buildin WLAN. So the Brumme would be a good choice.

USB wifi to connect to phone hotspot for backup wan would be cool.

As you see, we will have two versions, one with metal case and the other one with plastic case. The two prices will be significantly different. Metal version will be shipped out faster. Let me know your preference and reasons.

  • Brume 2 with metal case
  • Brume 2 with plastic case

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any beta testing available for the brume 2?

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Is it only me and am I the only one here that is quite concerned about the rate of turnover of GL.iNET routers with so many devices going EOL and so many others coming out even before the bugs have been ironed out and the firmware being stable enough and up to date across the existing product line? I have really lost track of all the new device variations and firmware versions available and I am becoming increasingly disappointed that a lot of my devices that I have spent good money on are either going EOL or running on outdated software. I am a big fan of GL.iNET but I think someone has started to lose the plot here but it may be just me!


Nope. we think it’s very simple and we will only run internal test before we launch.

Thanks for your advice, and we are always trying to solve all the critical bugs in the existing products. However, technology keeps updating. When new chipset comes out, the old chipsets are discontinued and hard to be found. We have to discontinue some of them and make new ones to replace.

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I do think ‘we’ (the world) has primary a chip issue. If a well known chip isn’t delivered, should the vendor stop producing new devices and focus on the sold devices?
My little knowledge of economics is, that it needs 73% new customers an a little base of repeating customers. It the product ist too good/reliable, the repeater won’t buy fast enough.

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I am finding this chip business to be quite a lame and a feeble excuse to be honest with you to stop supporting a completely viable hardware that is only a couple of years old. It is either laziness or pure greed I am afraid to say. My old phones and other aged routers are still getting updates several years after production and I cannot see other manufacturers following your logic and abandoning products after such a short spell.