Meet Flint 2 (GL-MT6000 )

Nor did I, weird. Hopefully someone from GLi can clarify this tomorrow.

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I did not get a single email in the last days/week since preordering the early bird price.
(inbox or spam folder)

i posted first on thursday 16th. Thursdays and Fridays are normal workdays in Europe.

thanks for sharing the email to everyone else, who was left out without any new information

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I’ve sent someone from GLi a mail.


I am curious about the reply.

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No email for me either, and I’m extremely anxious.

GL inet just posted about it on their blog:

Flint 2 Preorder Success and Delivery Expectations - GL.iNet (

deliveries will be delayed…

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Wow…Guess I was right about them sitting on the assembly lines (Actually they weren’t even started)…
Delivery? Optimistically by Christmas…But maybe after the first of the year…
For me not a big deal as my FLINT1 is humming along nicely now that they fixed the 4.50 beta firmware…

thanks for posting this. Where do you have the info “optimistically by Christmas” from?
The Blogpost stated that super early Bird and early Bird will ship from November 21th.

I mean there where 100 super early bird units and 200 early bird units? so 300 units overall.
that should be produced within hours and ready to ship. This is a router, not a covid vaccine.

where i get a little bit stomach pain is, that the “street price” of the router is already 134 Euros in the EU Store. But i think (hope) thats its not with tax-free EU Shipping?

I pre-ordered at 4.30am in the morning and will need to pay 92 Euro + 25 Euro Tax/customs = 117 Euro. And i Did that because they labeled the Street price at 180 Euro.

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Depends on the product, as written on the shop page:

  • Fast delivery (Products with the “EU local delivery” tag will be shipped from Germany).
  • Products without the “EU local delivery” tag are shipped from outside the EU and are subject to shipping costs & TAX & longer delivery time.

Since the Flint2 is still “pre-order only” the 2nd paragraph applies.

Finally, it’s always the same with “early bird”: Sometimes you’re annoyed, sometimes you’re happy.
I will always be able to say, “I set my alarm clock to 4 a.m. for this great router” :smiley:

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Relax man…I’m sure you’ll get yours sooner…I’m in the U.S. and was estimating my preorder for arrival here…EU is a different story…

I was thinking about ordering one of these for $109 last week, but I just checked again and noticed that the price has gone up to $129, despite it being Black Friday this week. Maybe it’ll drop again on Friday or Cyber Monday though?

I was hoping to keep the price down, since I’d need to order from the global website due to GL.iNet not shipping to the UK via their EU website. And that higher price could mean I’d likely have taxes and customs fees to worry about too.

I guess I’ll wait and see. Otherwise I could play it safe and eventually pick one up when they’re listed on Amazon UK.

I hope they drop the price to $99 for Black Friday, in the spirit of giving.

That would be royal f*** you in the face of the early bird customers, which devices havent even shipped,

But let’s see,


I wouldn’t expect the price to match the early bird customers, but if they were to put it back to $109 for a day then I’d bite.

I just didn’t expect the pre-order price to increase before the end of November, since that’s when people are looking for deals and the new price no longer matches their marketing material.

The several stores all have some differences: in one place in stock, shipping December, in another a different price. But none marked as tax included. At any of these prices this beast is a real deal.

its only a $10 dollar F*** you.

My order is on the way via DHL express

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Mine is also on the way :).

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Haven’t heard anything. Haven’t seen her post on the forum for a while. Might be on vacation. But it doesn’t matter. Mine is on the way.

Mine is shipped to Germany as well :slight_smile:
by FedEx

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my early bird router was just shipped with FedEx to Germany