Meet Marble (GL-B3000)

Hidden in the depths of the GL-iNet webpage a new product is spotted! The Marble (GL-B3000) is Wi-Fi 6 router for in the house. It is piece of art as it as camouflages as photo frame. :wink:

Its product page is:

Ah I don’t know why the page is online now.

Yes it will be a price wise nice router with good specs for your home.

Even without product page I would have posted about a future GL-B3000, as it is actually mentioned in the Beta Testing program… That’s how I guessed the product page!

I like the idea, but I can imaging if fully utilised and has 3 network cables running to it… The network cables might start deciding where the photo frame goes.

I suppose that’d be dependant if it’s hung as portrait or landscape… & how thin the Cat happens to be. It’d be a helluva ‘stealthed’ Wi-Fi Repeater, regardless.

I can’t imagine any of the male staff at GL.iNet thinking or saying, “Ya know what…We need to design a router inside a picture frame so it’s not noticeable”. Since most guys love to show off their tech. I betcha this idea was inspired by one of their wives.

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There is feature film for this router on Vimeo that I saw a few weeks ago.
I notice the beta program and did a quick google and voilà.

Only two views on the video at the time of this forum post and both are me.
Check it out MEET Marble - Wi-Fi 6 OpenWrt Router for Modern Home on Vimeo

I’m waiting on the Marble2 (With WiFi 7).


IDK, man. I could see myself using that as a repeater/extender w/ a picture of the better half mounted in it, on my desk/behind the chair… if I didn’t already have a Slate AX tucked away.

I agree the womenfolk will most likely be drawn to it. GL should offer various ‘frames’ to match the decor.

It honestly needs to be quad core and 512mb ram. Similar to the SlateAX.

What next? A router built-in to my kettle with a 10GB ethernet port next to the spout? Still unsure as to why they don’t focus on properly maturing the firmware before coming up with these gimmicks.

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Interesting imaginization but seems very true.

You know there are guys doing design. Even they have plenty of time idle they will not help on firmware.

It’s an attempt to target female users. We can’t let go the market of female users.

Just one little thing about that product page. Please be consistent:

At the top:

Supports 2.4GHz (~400Mbps) and 5GHz (900Mbps)

At the bottom:

Wi-Fi Speed 574Mbps (2.4GHz), 2402Mbps (5GHz)

Given the model name/code/number the latter is probably true.

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Some “weird” news from TechCrunch about Marble (GL-B3000):


Hope this image is included in the package! Signed by @alzhao and the rest of the team!

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hmm i wonder tho, how long would be the adapters wire? :wink:

I mean I could see this as a potentional issue tho… why does it not have a PoE connection ?

heres some reason why i would think its nice to have it:

  • since someone may want to hang it on a wall but also want to add wire for wan, well… it easily can become a mess with wires, i think some woman don’t like that :slight_smile:

  • the first impression is also important, if the power adapters cable is not long enough well it can be a annoyance also because the consumer might not be technical enough to find the correct adapter, and also have the expectation to be long enough.

  • with PoE its alot easier because you can easily make cables, but also buy cables and it makes a little less mess, for such router I really see no reason why PoE is not a part of it :stuck_out_tongue:

^ I mean PoE not as a replacement for the current power though, but as addon.

though I find it a strange concept I would never searched for this combination but that is my own opinion :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agreed. Poe is really needed for a clean look.
It would have been a similar price to include a Poe injector over the power supply.

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This product looks interesting, having it on a small office would be nice, I don’t think it’s gonna have as much success as other models, but I hope so, the Beryl AX is having a great success even on Amazon you can verify it, I can’t wait for an upgraded Beryl/Slate version, I hope they include 2 LAN ports, an SMA connector and a quad core CPU, 1GB RAM, of course it should be WIFI 7 maybe
That would be a Beryl Pro😌 even if it is a bit more expensive

How do your guys value PoE+SMA vs Dirt Cheap?