Mesh with 2 B1300 + 1 AP1300

Hi All,
I have GL routers in multiple sites, connected together via GoodCloud S2S.
One of the “minor” site is using Cirrus with LTE modem, since it does not have fiber connection.
In this site I have 3 routers that I would like to connect and configure enabling Mesh through all of them.
One is Cirrus AP1300 and the other two are B1300 (Convexa-B).
Are they compatible to be used in the same mesh network, or I can configure only the two B1300?
I don’t see any Mesh menu on the Cirrus, although I know that this feature should be present on it.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Actually, AP1300 can be used as a mesh node.
trigger by command:

ACTION=released BUTTON=wps SEEN=5 /sbin/hotplug-call button &

This is the same function as pushing mesh button on B1300.

In your case, AP1300 should be set up as the main node. And WAN cable is needed to be detected as a main node.

The whole steps are:

  1. connect AP1300 WAN port with a cable(powered)
  2. run the previous command on AP1300
  3. push B1300(no WAN cable) mesh button to pair with AP1300

Two B1300s need to be paired with AP1300 one by one.

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Thank you for your support:this helped me a lot.

Hi, I’ve tried doing the wifi mesh and it worked but it looks like it doesn’t cover my use case. To have all the things working properly, all subnodes must be in the range of the main node, and this is not my use case.
I wanted to use mesh, so that subnode2 hops to subnode1 to the mainnode as internet gateway.
I can use powerlines to get this working by wire backhaul.
Will it work out of the box by putting just the subnodes WAN to the mainnode LAN port? or this will not keep a flat ip network?
Another thing I’ve noticed, I cannot access any of the subnode admin console now that they are “meshed”. Is that normal?

Thanks a lot,

I’ve configured one (the farest) subnode by wire, and evering seems to work fine.
But as I said, I cannot reach web interface of the 2 nodes, and they are marked offline in goodcloud portal. :frowning:

Yes, it’s normal, the subnode will disable the admin panel.
If you use them in a straight-line topology, the network may not be stable, as it’s internal logic to
“optimizate” routes.

You can use repeater and set all nodes the ssid the same, that way the admin panel will also be available.