MIFI LTE very slow

I think those device is well tested in Australia. EP06-E works good in Europe. I am not sure Australia.

Generally the slow speed is caused by band and signal. Is there a way to have a remote assistant to check?

As an update for anyone reading this. Had Luo Teamview to my computer today and play around with my MiFi. Found out that the EP06-E unit was locked to Band 1 and 3. Must have been like this from the factory when I received it as my first tests on Optus fresh out of the box gave about 12Mbps (as mentioned above about half of my other devices) Now the bands are unlocked I’m seeing around 25-30Mbps. Much, much betterer.

Thanks Luo! :+1:

Interesting, any word/documentation on what steps were need to either lock to specific bands, or unlock the bands? Just curious in case it comes up as an issue in the future…

What’d you do to unlock the bands? Would you mind including the steps as I’d like to follow them as well.

Sorry, as I say Luo Teamviewered in and issued a bunch of AT commands that meant nothing to me along with a bunch of cryptic hex addresses (bands) and in the end after maybe half an hour said “It was locked to band 1 and 3, now fixed” :slight_smile:

There is an automated command in the “AT Commands” section of the interface and then you can pick the band from a dropdown but I think there’s an issue and you have to add “” marks around band i.e. “band” when the command comes up and I’m unclear if you are just locking to that one band or if it’s accumulative and I’m not sure if the “reset modem” command actually just powers off/on the modem or clears all the settings you’ve changed :slight_smile: .

Post that I’ve been doing a little research but still not confident to start doing any changes and currently for me the “default” setup is doing me fine.

You might want to refer to this thread here:

I did a fair bit of testing last week . From my testing my belief is there are actually 2 main “issues”.

  1. The built in LTE antennae (supported by other posts in this thread) .
  2. The WiFi subsystem (hardware, stack, antennae?) as per other threads and my testing.

Sort of results I’m seeing with LTE:

So…If I use this just as a normal WISP WiFi repeater and completely ignore LTE I still get substandard speeds compared to other devices both connecting via wire or wifi (Channel on the repeater (MiFi/Mango) for WISP and LAN is the same as it’s set by the “source” router):

Connect to WISP repeater via wire (LAN port)

Connect to WISP repeater via WiFi

Note that interestingly the upload speed is pretty consistent, it’s the download speed that’s substandard.

Even putting the Mifi repeater right next to the source router and connecting to the MiFi LAN port I get this.

Where as with other repeaters I get 45+ Mbps.

I don’t believe the n150 (Mifi) versus n300 (Mango) would cause this?

So the combination of “poor” LTE due to the internal antenna and poor WiFi due to ?? adds up to poor speeds. My belief is that the wifi is actually MORE of a contributor than the LTE :pensive:

Can anyone else confirm they are seeing similar performance issues?

Or tell me I’m barking up the wrong tree and completely wrong if that’s the case :joy:

You’re probably right, WiFi plays a role, but I am convinced LTE antenna is the source of your issue. It seems the internal antennae quality is a bit hit and miss.

Have you tried getting other unit to compare and contrast? It might sound silly but there here are some pretty good deals on the X750 on various sites (e.g. eBay UK) which could help getting a cheap(er) test unit.

I suggest that you buy it on the official store, buying in unofficial channels do not warrant.

I have just received my MIFI and I am disappointed in the performance. Download 0.07 Upload 4.58 What the hell.

Can I know the location and carrier?

Do you have more info about the signal?

I made a mistake, I am in a bad location and getting bad reception. I am going to test again from a different location.

However the power adapter came DOA.

really! You can talk with our customer service to get one exchange.

Customer Service Amazon?

Just contact the seller from the channel you bought this.

If you bought from Amazon just contact the seller.

If you bought form GL.iNet webstore, just contact cs@gl-inet.com

Why would it need a gpS?

Can someone tell What 1, 2 and 3 are? WIFI OR LTE
If I plug cable 4 to plug 2 the LTE no longer works.


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1 and 2 are for LTE because it needs two antennas for LTE.

What is the external antenna you are attached to? LTE or WiFi?

I saw that you keep the router powered on. When you change antenna you should always turn it off to protect the radio.

The external antennas are from the AR-150 and it does make a difference, it was on to get the signal strength . What is 3 for? And is 4 the internal LTE antenna?

What is the external antenna you are attached to? LTE or WiFi? I guess there are WIFI!

On the Mifi there is no external Wifi antenna. The antenna is the small area on the left side of your image on the board that has no green on it.

You have basically connected 2 Wifi antennas to the 4G module, that will not give you good reception and will most likely burn up the module too.

I removed them until I get decent and correct antennas for it. But what is the third plug, labelled 3 for?