Mjpeg-streamer dies on gl-inet based mt300n

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get mjpeg-streamer to not segfault on an mt300n.

I’ve tried removing the gl-inet package and installing the openwrt one but same thing, dies.
I can’t use the openwrt image builder because the only version available that works with this router is an old 15.01. It is not in 15.05.1.

What can I do and why doesn’t the gl-inet package work?

Before explaining that I should upgrade or this and that, please keep in mind that I buy your products because I need long term devices that will run the same firmware version for several years. If I cannot maintain this, then I cannot use gl-inet.

Hard to help without and error log or some details of how it “dies”.

I would have posted any but there aren’t any. It simply segfaults as soon as you connect with a browser. It runs just fine while it’s running but instantly segfaults as soon as you connect.

logread shows nothing what so ever, there isn’t much else to share.

OpenWrt/LEDE 17.01.04 fully supports the mt300n. Have you tried that? 15.01 is very old.

Yes, I’ve tried it but I have old packages I need to run which won’t run on LEDE which is why I need to use openwrt.

What is the gl-inet image builder? Is it something custom they make and need to maintain? I don’t see any newer version for the MT300N. Does this mean each time I start using certain models, they won’t be supported after a while?

Also, it looks like ffmpeg is mainly for recording and writes to the device. I use mjpeg-streamer to only stream video, no need to write anything.

I think you will have to accept that things move on. The MT300N is quite old now and was replaced some time ago by the version 2. Having said that it is still a very useful device, I have a few on customer sites and its full support in current OpenWrt/LEDE means devices in use will have a long and productive life.

You should seriously review the old unsupported packages and see what you can replace them with.

The gl-net image builder for this is just, pretty much, a clone of the original OpenWrt Imagebuilder from “way back then”. It has all the customisation that was developed for the device in it of course but is as old as the device.

I very much suspect that, as the device is no longer made, no further development is being done. This does not reflect badly on the company, in fact the reverse as the open source nature of the hardware means full support is provided by the OpenWrt community.

These devices are low cost but high quality. As such they are likely to have a long life due to their resilience and the available open support, yet can be cheaply replaced when the time comes.

Sure, I agree on the hardware but my point is that is the software will always be dumped after a while, it also makes the hardware a little less desirable if it cannot be maintained. I can’t afford to change out dozens of devices because they keep becoming unsupported but only to some extent. I understand that we also move on but like I say, I’m stuck in a situation where I cannot move on to new hardware every couple of years and need something that could last at least the life of the router.

BTW, are we talking about the same thing? The gl-inet build isn’t only for the mt300n so old or not, it works on a number of gl-inet routers. In my case, I just happen to have to keep running older versions for a few years but if the builds are never maintained, that will be a problem.

MT300N is not produced anymore but the firmware is still maintained.

Latest firmware version is v2.264 GL.iNet download center

v2.27 is here but not released GL.iNet download center because for some reason it cannot reserve the settings when upgrade from old firmware.

mjpeg-streamer doesn’t work for various reasons. The most possible one is video driver issue, not mjpeg-streamer it self.

Would it not be better if you worked more closely with the openwrt community rather than having your own version and repo etc? In fact, your repo is slow to respond at times and it makes building, updating, testing very challenging. Having to change all of the opkg paths takes a while and gets confusing.

I understand having to move on to some degree but many people buy these things for long term installations, not only to mess around, hack constantly so need something that will last them.

I’ll take a look at the newer firmware but you already mentioned that there is a video problem. What do you mean by this specifically so that I can try to find help with this.

Thank you.

Actually we are working with the community closely and we always use the most recent stable release.

All our patches is submitted to openwrt one time.

It does not work to use openwrt repo directly because they are always changing and you may not be able to install kernel module. If you use our firmware and our repo, you do not need to change any path.

But you can just use the clean firmware from openwrt and configure by yourself.

The video problem is related to the webcam driver, most of the time. At least, you need to tell your camera model etc so that someone who can test using the same camera.

GL.iNet have a build for every model, to encompass their own proprietary custom code at a fixed kernel release at at any one time. This is good as it gives long term stability as well as a means of distributing their own custom code for each type of product, be it travel router or premises router.

OpenWrt provides an up to date stable release (as well as development snapshots) for very many target hardware types, giving, for the most part, the same core functionality independent of vendor.

If you want to use an MT300N as a streaming device and not as a travel router, then the OpenWrt release is the one to use. The support for streaming you will find there may well be far ahead release wise compared to the GL.iNet build for the reasons I mentioned above.

That is the beauty of these devices, you can simply pick and choose without having to hack code or reverse engineer the manufacturer’s code and hardware.

Let me put this another way then. I have no issues buying a newer model but which are absolutely known to work with mjpeg-streamer without problems?

I don’t need wireless and don’t need much beyond the mt300n in terms of resources but would like it to be ar71xx or ramips based so that my own software can continue to run.

Most the problems related to mjpg streamer is related to the webcam. So if it doesn’t work well, change to another webcam and have a try.

Unrelated to the web cam. I know this because I have tried many. I have probably 30 different cameras. The ones I’d like to use are MS studio cam which works perfectly on LEDE but doesn’t allow me to run my own programs. Openwrt doesn’t support the mt300n so I am stuck with your build/s.

Now openwrt snapshot does support this model.

Nice, do you have a url to be sure I find the correct image builder and I’ll check it out.

It is important that I be able to maintain these devices once they are installed but can buy newer ones as needed.

Can you let me know about my question above, on which model I might be looking for.

Here is the imagebuilder for mt300n