Modem support MC7455 and MC7430

I compiled the firmware for MIFI and X750 that supports MC7430 and MC7455. If you are interested, download and try it.

In addition, it supports viewing cells information by clicking Cells info on modem page.


Excellent job on the new firmware. Tried it on the GL-MIFI.
Works great. Got my 4G LED working as well!
Only problem I had is that when doing the auto setup I have an error “sim card not registered”
This is probably because I have the not so common $35 unlimited plan (
For this to work I just had to change the APN to broadband and it connected perfectly.




I can’t open your link.My APN configuration comes from here.It last update was three weeks ago.If you put the SIM card on your phone, will it automatically select the correct APN?

It’s one of those eBay deals.
You get an unused prepaid AT&T sim card. The eBay seller provides you with an imei number to paste into the website. You then create the account, Insert the sim into the mifi then after a few minutes it works.
The seller told me that these accounts are for “internet of things” devices and are data only.
Had mine for 6 months now and use around 1TB a month.
As this type of account is uncommon that may be why it does not regester.
Hope this is of some help.