MT-300A AP only

Is the best way to configure a MT-300A as an access point only to follow these directions:

I do not believe that you can do this through the GLi GUI, but I am not running the latest version.

This works for an AP who is connected to the router via a LAN cable LAN port to LAN port. I am on the opinion you do not need to perform step 4 under LuCi as long as you do not use the WAN port, however it is technically correct. Setting the device IP is important. If you do not, your AP will get a random IP assigned by your primary router, and you need to figure this out to log in. If the AP is not connected to the primary router it will not have an IP, so step 2 is important.

I think after you do this that you will find that the Network Diagnostics fail and you can not download packages. I have in my notes that one needs to set the following on the AP.

Network=>DHCP & DNS=>Server Settings=>General Settings
DNS Forwardings (default gateway of the primary router)

After you set this up, I expect that some of the GLi GUI elements may not work, specifically the network config.

That is simple in UCI. But the UI will make it very complicated.

first, bridge eth0.1 and eth0.2 in /etc/config/network

then set lan ip to static and assign an IP address.

third, disable dhcp in /etc/config/dhcp lan section


You could also configure the switch button to switch between dump AP and router mode.

If you do need working script, please let me know.

Thank you for the extra details, RangerZ, that is a big help.

I would love a script to use to for the switch button to switch between AP and router mode, alzhao.

@mcaron1234, the script is on my schedule. I should be able to provide next week.


Here you are. Script works for MT300A

wget -O /usr/bin/switch_mode
wget -O /etc/rc.button/BTN_1
chmod +x /usr/bin/switch_mode /etc/rc.button/BTN_1

Switch on the left is Router, switch on the right is AP.

This script only works when the router is totally ON. If you turn the switch when the router is off, it will not work. We will check everything and make the switch configurable in the UI.

Great, thanks! I will test this out tomorrow.