MT1300 self reboot from time to time?

it’s weird that MT1300 seems to reboot itself randomly for unknown reason, anyone who has similar experience ?

Firmware: 3.203
Wi-Fi: 5Ghz has WPA3 configured
DNS: run with stubby+NextDNS
WireGuard Server configured
No extra package installed and nothing special running on it.

The firmware in the link may help.

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Thanks, I will try the firmware you point to later. I doubt my issue is related to Wi-Fi WPA3, so I configured my SSID to only accept WPA2/PSK only and keep watching it for a while to see if my theory stands.

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I did couple times of test with Wi-Fi (WPA2-PSK only) and (WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode) , I can confirm and reproduce that every time I connect with WPA3-SAE from client, the router will reboot itself.
(WPA2 only mode the router is all on for almost a week then I changed the configuration of Wi-Fi with WPA2/WPA3 mixed mode and have client connect to it with WPA3-SAE, the router immediately reboot itself.)

FYI and hope someone can fix it soon.