MT3000 Beryl AX — No VPN settings

For some reason I don’t have a VPN tab. The router is new, just out of the box. I updated to the latest firmware but it didn’t help.

How do I configure WireGuard Client ?

I did notice the CN in top left hand corner, which I believe means this was bought in mainland China. GL.iNet did a post regarding VPN and AdGuard Home features for CN version products.

Statement on the purchase of products in mainland China


@JinOhChoi is right on the mark. Send it back. Buy it fr Amazon or directly fr the GL store.

You were ‘done dirty’ if you weren’t told you were buying the CPC version.

There is no way to send the item back or exchange it.

However, the openwrt system is flexible and allowed me to achieve this result using the luci interface. Thank you, now it’s clear to me that the CN version has a limitation only for the GL interface.

Yes. Now I have a working CN GL as WireGuard Client :upside_down_face:

Well, I’m glad you’ve got it online. I’d still hit up GL in a email & provide them proof of purchase so they can send you the non-CPC firmware.

See the link @JinOhChoi already posted.

Well, I would be extremely grateful if this is possible. I am in a country other than China, but I purchased this product on

In this case, do I have the right to upgrade to the global version?

And what do you need for this, a receipt/screenshot of the purchase screen?

As stated previously, read the statement released. That explains if you are eligible.


Thanks, but everything is fine now. They sent me a setting to activate the VPN tab. I am extremely grateful to you guys for the work done!