MT3000 Beryl AX Open Source WiFi driver firmware

Very happy to see some progress on this, looking forward to testing.

Has anyone had any issues running the wireguard client under 4.6? I’ve noticed when connected, that traffic won’t flow over the tunnel, unless you’re accessing a resource specifically on that network (e.g. 10.7..). Selecting the “Block all non-VPN traffic” option, causes connectivity to break for clients. The BAX when ssh’d into it still works and has network connectivity just fine with the above settings.

I’ve also noticed that with AdGuard the “AdGuard Home Handle Client Requests” setting is also broken, with all requests showing as @alex_zheng.

Do you use VPN policies?
Block all non-VPN traffic does exactly what the name suggests. It will block all non-VPN traffic, even if you use VPN policies to allow certain devices without VPN - at least that’s my knowledge about this feature.

Do you use Override DNS Settings for All Clients in DNS? In that case, this is intentional.
For letting AdGuard Home handle all client requests, the router does not have to intercept the DNS:

For both, I’ve tried both under 4.4.6 and 4.5, and I’m getting different behaviours here. The DNS one I haven’t had time to look into, but this setting worked fine previously combined with override DNS. The VPN one, both with or without block non-VPN traffic, I get no throughput on the VPN from the clients. Checking my IP etc shows my normal network not the VPN. It is showing as connected and I can see this on the server side too. As mentioned this is multiple configs that worked just fine in previous versions but are now broken.

When will this version release as a beta? So far zero important issues, but I had to restart the router once because the Wi-Fi stopped working for some reason while using SMB without Network Acceleration enabled

I don’t think it’s a good idea, 2.4ghz speeds are slow, just like Flint 2. I think is something related with MT driver on 23.05

That version of the firmware fixed the disconnections, but only the disconnections seem to have been fixed.
I’m glad that I didn’t get disconnected when I should have, but the problem is that there was no upload/download during that time.
It still doesn’t seem to fix the underlying problem.
I have experienced in the past that is different the SSIDs of 2.4ghz and 5ghz can alleviate the problem. Could my problem be related to this?

Has there been any further updates on this?

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When can we expect 4.6 betas and snapshots being available?

I wonder the same thing, this alpha version is pretty stable though

@Steve68 I chected with our team. We will release the beta version next week


@michaeldale @meo Thanks for your kindly waiting. we will release the beta version next week.


Thank you, looking forward for the features. I noticed that now we can enable Network Acceleration and we have 2 options, hardware and software, I saw that selecting software can let us set a speed limit and the traffic is more accurate, before it wasn’t possible.

I guess Network Acceleration via software gives priority to the network packages speed, that way we can set speed limits, which wasn’t possible before unless you turn off Network Acceleration. Kind of curious how it’ll work because I’m using speed limit for some devices

@Steve68 Sorry, it’s a so specialize question. @JerryZhao Could you help steve to a better understanding ?

Is the new version of MT3000 ready?
we are waiting.

We will get the update about Friday If every is OK . We are checking the fixed bug.

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Can it be used on mt2500a ?

Hi, how are the tests of this new version? Do you think they can release it by Friday?

Sorry, but i think it can’t. Did you have any issue with MT2500 firmware?