MT3000 Beryl AX Open Source WiFi driver firmware

I mean is there a solution for this ahead?

Sorry for your bad experience. And yes, you can mail to they will help you to the next step.

Put aside the 2.4G issue. Maybe the opensource wifi driver is a good way. I will continue to push it.

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Sorry to bother you. The info i get is different with yours, I will check it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really want to use this device, it will be perfect if stable, if you are going to keep working on the driver I will wait.

I update a 4.6(open version) in google drive for test.
Now our oficial snapshot version is based on 21.02.
So if you want to use 23.05 you need to download the on from google drive.

We will keep working on it. but sorry that we can’t guarantee the time.

How to get upgrade it ?

someone tested the snapshot yet and can report back?

Nice! Maybe you could share the link to download it ?

you can find it under snapshot

But he said from Google Drive!!

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Thanks but that is exactly the same file as it was more than a month ago (nothing updated)

Sir, if you read all posts, you will understand…

4.6 was initially intended to be based on OpenWrt 23, beta1 and beta2 where posted on google drive only.

Then they had a change of mind (due to issues with 2G on OpenWrt 23) so the 4.6 available in snapshots is based on OpenWrt 21.

Yes, confusing…

The supposed 4.6 beta3 based on OpenWrt 23 is on google drive but the link has not been provided yet.

It would probably be more clear if both versions would be available in snapshots with an appropriate name and description to differentiate them.

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It has not been and will not be released, it has already been said here and on the mt6000 forum that version 4.6 based on openwrt 23.05 was postponed, they are focused on 21.02 as the admin already said…

This version was the one in which I posted beta 2… there is no beta 3 based on 23.05

To me that means Alex just uploaded a new version to his google drive, which would be the third, hence beta3…

I’m sorry that I didn’t say clearly . Now the only open source wifi driver version is on the top of this topic. (gl-mt3000-4.6.0-r2-2.1-13.20.tar - Google Drive). Now we are foucus on the close source wifi driver version.The open version will continue once we have good progress.

Do you think you can fix the issues with the closed source driver? 5GHz dropout, wifi crash etc?