MT3000 easytether speed 60% slower than USB tethering

I am experiencing slower speeds with my easytether setup on my new MT3000 router. Following is my setup:

  • Pixel 7 Pro with EasyTether Pro app.
  • MT3000 router

Speed Test Results (Download Speeds):

  • Pixel
    • 300 Mbps
  • USB Tethering Router mode; iPhone 15 Pro Max connected to the router
    • 300 Mbps
  • EasyTether mode; iPhone 15 Pro Max connected to the router
    • 60-100 Mbps

Will highly appreciate any pointers to root case and fix this issue.


Wild guess, but it seems that Easytether is the root cause.

It’s a 3rd party software, right? Will be hard to debug.

Yes, it’s a 3p app. I also suspect that it’s an issue with either the app or it’s driver.

Does it work via Wi-Fi or USB as well?

It works via USB. Followed GL-MT3000 EasyTether Driver instructions.

Sorry, can’t help with that. Maybe other people have more experience about it.

Thanks for taking time to help! I will try swapping the phone with Galaxy S23 ultra just to be sure that it’s not a device issue.