Mt300n-v2 - Luci Wireless Settings Missing


I just received a Mt300n-v2 Travel Router and got it updated to the latest GL.iNet firmware. Very neat little device. I do have some questions and concerns though.

From what I’m reading here on the forums and on the net, it looks like the MediaTek MT7628 used in the Mt300n-v2 Travel Router does not allow for any wireless configuration from within the OpenWRT Luci interface. I would really like to utilize the full functionality of OpenWRT with Luci and all of the software packages, but still be able to configure with the GL.iNet Web GUI where appropriate. My questions are these:

  1. Is there ever going to be any way to configure wireless via Luci in an upcoming firmware update for this router or is this just a permanent limitation? It is unfortunate this is not noted on the product information page if this is indeed a permanent limitation.

  2. If an external wireless adapter or two is added, would I gain this missing functionality (wireless configuration via Luci)? If so, will going with a dongle or two totally mess up the GL.iNet GUI simple setup routines?. I was potentially thinking of adding a second radio with an external antenna / 5ghz support.

  3. In regard to the FAQ: "Yes, our routers support Wi-Fi dongles with 3070 or 8187 chipset…"
    Is the 3070 referencing the MediaTek 3070 wireless chipset? – I assume yes.
    Is the 8187 referencing the MediaTek 8187 wireless chipset? – I assume yes.
    Will these added dongles still be unsupported in Luci wireless config?

  4. Lastly, if this issue is not resolvable and Luci absolutely cannot be used for wireless config to allow for full OpenWRT software compatibility, can you please recommend what GL.iNet products are fully supported for OpenWRT Luci wireless config? I really like the GL.iNet GUI, but I do not want a limited OpenWRT Luci interface.

Thank you!


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  1. Sorry I don’t think we have this plan.

  2. MT300N-V2 does not support external wifi card well from my test. It is still because of the wifi driver.

  3. full name should be RTL8187 and MTK RT3070. RT3070 does not work with MT300N-V2 well because there will be two MTK radio inside and one use proprietary driver and one use open source driver, which may cause kernel panic.

  4. Try AR300M, AR750, AR750S, even AR150 which use fully open source drivers.

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. That makes sense and clears up my confusion on this.


I had similar issue.
I needed WPA2-Enterprise to connect to internet and use additional wifi dongle as fallback to other wifi network.

Turns out that build form here: [OpenWrt Wiki] Techdata: GL.iNet GL-MT300N v2 allows you to utilise “wireless” tab with full features of OpenWrt.

I was able to install full wpad to be able to connect to WPA2-Enterprise, install drivers to all my wifi dongles and play with “multi wan” “mwan3”. Im planing on attaching active USB hub to my router and changing it to print server and small ftp server that will serve files from flash drive.

It would be nice move from Gl.Inet to allow us to play with external dongles in wireless tab and add support for full wpad in their UI.

I also noticed that router sometimes drops wifi connection to my tablet. Maybe that’s why Gl.Inet is opting for closed source driver.

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hello, you sayd you got to connect with a wpa enterprice,
and you gave this to download the openwrt: Turns out that build form here: [OpenWrt Wiki] Techdata: GL.iNet GL-MT300N v2
But, what i’m asking you is:
where is the full WPAD to install to the GL-MT300N-V2 ???
Can you write the direct link???
Thanks a lot

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Could you solve the issue?