MUDI Change Modem

So I bought a MUDI with the e25-f modem, but cant use it for travel as the modem doesnt support the bands that I need. Is it possible to replace the modem on it? (dont want to buy another as i have no need for two). And which modem would you recommend for international travel?

Yes you can, see below picture (stolen from @Johnex :slight_smile: )

PCI-E modem on the left with the two antennae wires.

Best would be the “new” global modem EG25-G .

Think you need to talk to the Gl.iNet guys to get hold of but I do note it’s on their Gl.iNet shop now.

Be careful when swapping out, the uFl connectors for the antennae are delicate :slight_smile:

There is also some more info here:

Thanks for that info, it suck when i realized it wasnt finding any networks to register because of the bands. Easy to open/ no need to break or solder? (I would prefer the least destructive way)

Nope, no breaking or soldering required.

Take off bottom cover (4 (?) screws)
(Carefully) undo uFL antennae connectors
Undo 2 screws at “head” of modem card
Slip out card
Slip in new card
Do up 2 screws at “head” of new modem card
(Carefully) reconnect 2 x uFl connectors
Reinstall base

Just had my son who recently moved to Japan for a year freaking out because his Australian phone wouldn’t connect to LTE on his new SIM even though his other mates Aussie phones connected straight away :slight_smile: Yep, didn’t support Band 19!!!