Mudi: How to change 4G Module

How easy is it to change/upgrade the EC25-AF module to EP06-A on the Mudi (GL-E750)?

Easy is a relative, not an absolute :slight_smile:

Remove screws, remove baseplate and if you have a look at this thread you can see the card.

Removing and replacing the card is easy, just be careful of the uFL connectors to the antennae. This are delicate and you do need to be a bit careful with them.

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I want to add some things. On each short side of Mudi there are 3 tabs that can be hard to pop off when taking off the cover, be careful when removing it and keep in mind that the cover is held on with the tabs in reality. The screws are only to keep the cover close so that the simcard and memory card have good contact against the pins. If the tabs on the short sides snap off then its not a big deal. There are also tabs all along the long sides, but those are less likely to break and are the ones that do most of the work.

As limbot said, be careful with the u.FL connectors. Don’t use any tools to remove the wires, just your fingers. Lift up gently until the connector lifts off. When putting the connector back on, align it properly, it should not be hard to push down again into place.

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So power off, replace modem, power on and it just starts working with the the new modem? No need to tinker with firmware or anything else?

It’s really important to me that this feature works smoothly. I plan to travel to multiple regions, and I want to carry additional modems with me, and change them when needed.

As long as you swap Quectel modules then they will work without any tinkering.

You might want to order a global modem instead, since the Mudi was not designed to be swapping modules as easy as the Mifi was. There are plastic clips and thermal pads you need to be swapping too.

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I got the Global one, and its pretty slow, and couldn’t get it to work in multiple Countries (Turkey, Portugal, etc)

I ended up buying both modules separately and will be swapping them in, instead.

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That’s disappointing… I also got the Global modem but have not had a chance to test it yet (although I have the old MiFi router, not Mudi). Here is some more discussion and the link to the bands it supports:

I replaced the Global w/ an EP06-A (I’ve had it forever, finally got around to it) and still got bad speeds, but once I updated to latest snapshot it was a significant upgrade (over 130mbit now) so maybe Global was fine??

130Mbps on EP06? What was the bad speeds?

On the global one the speed may have been improved and I am not sure.