Mudi GL-E750 OLAD screen problems


I made a strange observation. I had some problems with my Mudi. Now the software part of that seems working fine after upgrading to the latest test image, but the OLED screen still missing informations after a couple of hours.

Now i observed that when VPN (ovpn) is turned on (doesn’t matter if it is turned on from web admin menu nor via button), the screen after 3-4 hours lost informations, like on the picture:

There was a day when i forgot to connect to the VPN, used Mudi all day, and the screen didn’t loose any information. I made a test yesterday with no VPN turned On again, and the same result: the screen didn’t loose any information.

I made the test with VPN turned on, and the screen was missing information again, like on the first picture.

Does anyone have the same problem, or is it just me?

Thanks any help you can provide!

I think you use the test image is 3.100,right?
Thank you for your feedback. I will write down the problem and test it.

Yes, but this is the same with the stable fw.

Thanks for the testing!