Mudi Gl-E750 problems


I’m using Mudi for more than one week now, and there are some issues i’ve found:

  1. After a couple of hours (2-3 hours) the screen losts a lots of information (regardless of that, everything is working)

  2. On the attached picture the clock works fine, but now it doesn’t work. Instead of the current time, there is just 00:00!. The timezone is set to my timezone (Europe/Berlin).

  3. I can’t access Luci.I’ve followed this document.. There is only: luci-lib-json ; luci-mod-rpc, installed and i can’t reach Luci on

  4. On my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 I can’t reach the menu Plug-ins. I can reach Plug-ins only from my OnePlus One phone. I use Mozilla Firefox on both device.

Are these just bugs in the firmware, and i should be patient, or is there any other reason they don’t work?

Thanks any help you can provide!


I’ve cqaptured my current screen with the screen and timezone problem:

What version firmware? I note that there’s a “second” 3.100 available dated 16/12. I think my original 3.100 was 10/12.

May be worth an upgrade (and not keep settings)

I can see under Upgrade menu, Online tab these:

Current Version: 3.100
Compile Time: 2019-12-16 15:45:15
Last Update: unavailable

As i can see this is the “stable” fw, and what you’ve suggested is a beta version. Do i need the .tar, or the .img file? Or it really dosn’t matter? And i think i should pgrade it under the Upgrade menu Local tab?

The tar file is the one you want when you flash via the Upgrade menu.

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However, i would recommend you do a uboot debrick using the img file, in case something has happened with the memory, that is my usual recommendation if something strange is going on, like files not saving, errors and other things. Follow the debrick guide here:

Thank you sir!

I will try it at home!

Now i’ve upgraded to the above suggested fw, but i will play with them. Now at least i can find other apps, including luci on my OPO, and i will try it on Samsung Tab too!

And thanks for you limbot too for the download page and for the recommendation!

Will see how it goes!

Do you got a normal version from Kickstarter or early version from us directly?

The OLED control has a firmware itself. It can be upgraded from openwrt.

Never see what it disappeared. Maybe because of unsupported characters? In the middle it should be your carrier name. What is your carrier name in your the firmware UI?

About Luci, please refresh the repo and install luci.

Thank for your answer and comment!

Mine Mudi is from kickstarter (backer: 220).

The OLED missing informations after about 2-3 hours from turning on (how it looks like in my first post). This is how my OLED looks like after turning on:

How can i upgrade the OLED’s firmware? Can you give me some steps for this?

After upgrading manually to the “testing” firmware, i could download Luci, and i can use it, even on my Galaxy Tab S3. And now it seems the timezone anomaly has disappeared. Thanks for limbot for the suggestion to upgrade!

Pls check if the OLED info will be missing again. The display should already be the latest.

Unfortunately the OLED info is missing again, after about 3 hours from turning on.

This is how it looks like now:

Mine does the same, friend. Screen doesn’t show all data after awhile. Time is right but doesn’t show client number or that I’m connected to vpn. Ha. Not sure what to do.

any updates on that issue?
i have the same problem

@luochongjun can you pls push to solve this.

It’s hard for me to reproduce this problem, can someone give me some LOG information.
You can turn on the debug information for the MCU with the following command

uci set;uci commit;
/etc/init.d/e750_mcu reload

You can then see the output in logread.

I have exactly the same problem. After some hours using my mudi, some screen information is missing.