Mudi router versions

Hi guys,
I would like to purchase Mudi but I can’t understand difference from EC25 and EP06.

I would like to purchase the most complete and powerful version and I live in Europe. Is it the EP06-E EMEA/APAC/BR version or the EC25-E 4G EU version I would need ?

Please note that I need 4G capabilities.


the eo06 is a newer modem and it is the one you should choose since its newer and better than ec25

Hi, and thanks for reply.

So, at this page: Mudi 4G LTE Portable Router | Travel WiFi | Privacy | Tor (GL-E750)– GL.iNet

can you confirm that I need to choose:



EU Plug

I have doubts because in the description there is not “4G”.

Thank you buddy

yes this is correct
4g is both modems, the ep06 and the ec25, but ep is newer

Thank you man
I appreciate your help

You can check this thread out:

Basically you want the EP06-E. It will be more stable, have faster speeds in most conditions. The better signal will also mean lower power usage, longer battery life on your Mudi.

I tested the latest global module there too.

Thanks Johnex :slight_smile:
Will purchase the suggested model