MV-1000W High memory

In the gl.inet iOS app it says 67% memory 0.19 load yesterday memory was 16% is 67% not too high?

My setup is wireguard client, killswitch, Vpn policy and adguard Home with standard dns filter

I hope the killswitch, vpn policy don’t crash when memory reach 100%

Memory always goes up in Linux because it turns to use up all of your memory.

As long as it does not reach 100% it is fine.

Now it’s 91%

Should I do a factory reset after firmware upgrade?

No need to do factory reset after firmware upgrade unless it stuck.

Can you just wait to see if the router will die because of memory full?

You can also ssh to the router and check which processes are using the memory using “top”

It’s now 97%

VSZ Is how much memory is available for the process, not how much is being used. You want to look for RSS - Resident Set Size.

As Alfie wrote before, linux will try to allocate all ram to all processes, to improve performance, as ram is already reserved and ready to go. This does not mean the program is using all that ram.

Thank you I will report back if the router crash or something

I did a factory reset on 98-99% memory adguard home dns query log stopped Working and some websites stopped working too I will update the thread if it happens again :wink:

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Seems there is memory leak from this figure.

Again reached 99 or 100% couldn’t connect with gl inet app or with browser to router GUI

After restart memory was 15% again and everything worked

We are checking to find out where is the memory leak.

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Have you found the Problem?

Not yet. Working on that.

We’re you able to get this resolved? I have a Velica GL-B2200 and every 7 days I have to restart it since memory usage goes to almost 100%. If I leave it to reach to 100% I have to reset it to default which is a pain.

This is an old thread and no specific info about memory leak.

If you have a problem pls describe in a new thread, with detailed information.

E.g. are you using wireguard, openvpn or adguard?

[MV-1000W High memory],deal with by myself,another way for speed up!

In my mv1000w,when used adguardhome, the custom dns server could not show me the Manual DNS Server Settings after I change settings in advanced UI,and the dns service is very slow ,maybe could not see in the adguardhome logs.
Adblock +Smart DNS + SSR-Plus