Need some space unsure whats ok to delete

So i have Beryl gl-mt1300 and i was trying to install adguard but it said unable to due to lack of space, so im just really unsure what’s ok to delete in plug-ins to make room that would be not essential to regular functionality being affected or also its usually my luck to remove something i probably shouldn’t have and instead i thought smart route of action is ask for assistance here before removing any plug-ins id be looking at around 12mb of space to be sure.

Here’s a potential alternative to deleting: extroot. Grab your fastest USB stick that’ll work for the Beryl & check out this overview:

Be aware it’s not unheard of that a bad power spike could really ruin your day using such a config; specifically potential filesystem corruption from an unclean dismount of the drive/storage. It is a way of taking a small/nearly filled storage on a device to a much larger one, though (eg: Certa, GL-AR750, default 16MB onboard to 974MB on uSD) however… but do backup your current state before getting all ‘experimental:’

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If you don’t need tailscale you can delete
/usr/sbin/tailscale and /usr/sbin/tailscaled

I guess the best way to remove any unused plugins would be some config reset.

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