Network acceleration inquiry

I wanna be able to see the traffic and speed each client is using, in order to have an accurate number I must disable Network acceleration as far as I know. If I disable it, would I have any possible issues? Like more latency or something, because network acceleration is used to speed up traffic packages. My hardware is a Beryl AX, I disabled and didn’t see any change on CPU usage but I wanna know if there’s a disadvantage in real world

I don’t think you will have any drastic decrease in the speed having this feature disabled.

You can test using with toggling it on/off.

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I thought it may increase latency, I don’t mind that much about speed, I will disable it. I think the Beryl AX is powerful enough to handle it (I’m using AdGuard, OpenVPN Client)
I also have an Opal and on that one I feel like it’s mandatory to have network acceleration enabled because it shows a high CPU usage with simple tasks all the time

As long as cpu load is OK there is nothing to worry.


There is also a bug which I reported back on May 2023: