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GL-AR150 Version 3.017


I’m using the GL-AR150 as a VPN router for my Roku and it works great but I have one problem I wish for the Roku to share my files my Nas-drive. My question is how can I do this ?

Thank You

you need to use vpn policy.

In AR150, add your Nas-drive to policy not to use vpn.

By the 3.022 firmware you have to put your local subnet in the list of vpn exclusion…

|Thanks guys for getting back to me.
I will give it a try when I get in later, wish me luck .


I have reverted back to the stock firmware.

I’m still having problem so let me explain the set up a bit more.

I have a GL-AR150 Version 3.017 using it as a second router/wifi to connect my Roku by the vpn.
The GL-AR150 is conected to my Isp ( Orange France) router by cable
The Roku is given 192.168.8. * by the GL-AR150
I have a nas-drive conected to the the Isp router with a Ip: 192.168.1.* so the Roku can’t find the files on the nas-drive.
Is there away to resolve this ?

I search the internet and here but unfortunately I can not find a solution. Maybe one of your users can help me.


You have to use 3.022 firmware and in the section vpn policies set an exclusion for or for the ip of your NAS.

I have tried this but the Roku still can’t see the nas-drive (from my little understanding there are still on different networks 192.168.8. * for the Roku given by the GL Ar150and the Nas-drive on 192.168.1 given by the Isp router.
Have I done something wrong ?

I have the same situation and vpn policies works great: my devices (android box and linux stb) on 192.168.8.x AR 750 lan can access my NAS on the main lan 192.168.1.x


Can you post how you have it set - I may have it set wrongly screen shot would be great.

How do you have the mini router set-up ?


Can any of the Tv boxes see the Nas?

All my devices connected to gl router can access my NAS on the main lan because my exclusion on vpn policy is

Do you devices have fixed address?

Only NAS has fixed ip. The other devices can access it by ip not by name.

I’m sorry to say this is not working for me.

Post your configuration…some screenshots…