New firmware version 4.6 being released for beta testing

To our GL.iNet supporters,

We're excited to be in the process of developing our newest firmware v4.6, which brings various enhancements to the repeater mode and some of our other features.

Please note that firmware v4.6 will first be available on these GL.iNet models:

  • Flint 2 (GL-MT6000)
  • Flint (GL-AX1800)
  • Slate AX (GL-AXT1800)
  • Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)
  • Brume 2 (GL-MT2500)/(GL-MT2500A)

The beta firmware is available for download for Slate AX and Beryl AX. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the download page for the router model:
  1. Click the Beta tab.
  2. Click Download for Common Upgrade.

(We will be releasing the beta firmware for other models soon.)

Here are the exciting new features and upgrades:

1. Enhanced security with randomized MAC addresses for SSIDs

Your router will be assigned a randomized MAC address each time you connect to a wireless network using repeater. Randomized MAC addresses give you additional security as they make it more difficult for others to track and identify you on the network. (If you are connecting your router to your own Wi-Fi network, you can set your router to use the default MAC address.)

2. Resolved public hotspot's authentication issues

Connecting to a public hotspot in hotels, airports, or shopping malls requires you to log in through its captive portal. There may be limitations on the devices or routers you can connect to the Captive Portal. Our latest update offers the Login Mode for Public Hotspot, which allows you to be connected to the internet properly. (When enabled, this mode disconnects the VPN and may expose your traffic to the public hotspot provider.)

3. VPN tunnel requests use VPN's DNS even if encrypted DNS is enabled

Some users want to the VPN's DNS servers to prevent information leakage when the VPN global proxy is enabled, and use AdGuard Home or encrypted DNS servers when the VPN is disabled. Some other users want to use the VPN's DNS servers for requests forwarded over the VPN when the VPN is in policy-based proxy mode, and use AdGuard Home or encrypted DNS servers for other requests. Our latest update offers users to enable an option called Allow Custom DNS to Override VPN's DNS according to their situation.

4. Ability to add additional UI language packs

Our latest firmware comes with the Add Additional UI Language Packs option, allowing additional language packs to be added to the device directly from the interface. (Note that language packs except for English and Chinese are maintained by the community and may vary in quality.)

If you want to help translate our interface into other languages, please refer to this page.

Other Notes

  • To use the app, please download version 2.5, which is currently in beta. Please join App Store Testflight or Google Play Open Testing.
  • There are currently some minor issues with the admih panel for remotely accessing this firmware version via GoodCloud. (We are working on the fixes.)

We will keep you posted on further updates on our new firmware!

The GL.iNet Team

Updated records
  • May 14: Added Flint2 4.6.0 Beta2

Looking forward to it!

Are you guys planning a ‘flow’ page in the future? It can be created with existing addons like netifyd agent.

Here is an example from Firewalla App:

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I understand that you are trying to monitor all requests in the network?

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Will it be available for the MT6000 later this month? I want to test it there’s a feature I’ve been waiting regarding the VPN DNS

We expect to have a beta version available for the MT6000 next week.
The stable version is based on testing and ideally should be available in early June.


Weird that it is beta for Beryl, yet snapshot for brume 2?

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The answer is here:

You can already download the Beta firmware for Slate AX and Beryl AX.

We will be releasing the beta firmware for other models soon.


Is this based on the open source wifi driver? My understanding is that the Beryl AX only works correctly on the open source driver.


Can I have more details on the following:

Fixed an issue where the router would not recognize USB cellular modems using the M2 EM05G model.

Clearing settings needed when upgrading from 4.5.16 ?

First, for all Beta firmware, we recommend backing up your configuration in LuCI before upgrading.
Second, it should be able to support keeping your settings upgraded. If you have problems after upgrading with a keeping settings, try resetting it first.

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Based on our testing and feedback received, there are some performance and compatibility issues with the open source drivers for Beryl AX and Flint2. In order to ensure the normal use of users, on these two models, version 4.6.0 will use MTK SDK.
If these issues are resolved, we will switch back to the Native OpenWrt version that uses the open source driver.

For some customers who only want to use the open source driver, we will honor our commitment. During the time that the MTK SDK is being used for the 4.x version of them, we will synchronize the Native OpenWrt version based on the open source driver. Its version number is 4.x.x-opxx. 4.6.0-op23 will be available soon.


A couple of questions if you would not mind:

  1. Would you please consider continuing to focus on the open source drivers for Beryl AX as you main line of firmware development given that this router is mostly geared up to be a travel one and given the countless amount of problems users have already had with repeater mode and the closed driver version?

  2. Can you please elaborate on what the repeater option “Enable Camouflage” does? In addition to clonning client’s MAC address, can it also clone the client’s assigned IP address and does it do anything else to camouflage the router?

Thank you.

  1. We still will try to fix the bugs in the open source version. if it subsequently performs better than the closed source driver, we will make it the main line.
  2. This option is designed for some hotspots that do not allow the router to connect. When it is enabled, the router will try to disguise itself as a client-like device as much as possible. It will not clone the MAC completely, because duplicate MACs may cause more anomalies depending on the hotspot and client device. So it will only clone the OUI part (containing device vendor information) if the client device is not using a random MAC. In addition, it will simulate some other information reported by the client device, such as hostname.

I’m waiting for the MT6000 beta, so far I installed it on the MT3000 and the VPN DNS works exactly how I wanted with the new option :grin:

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Please add VPN (domain)-policies when using Wireguard Client. Its really a shame ignoring a domain whitelist when connected to VPN service.

They are included since 4.x - why do you think they don’t work?

Because when connected to VPN I cannot access some sites which are being blocked although I added them to whitelist to not use VPN. It is mentioned several times on this board that this does not work.

It does work perfectly using the 4.5 firmware, it would be curious if it’s broken in 4.6
I am using it just right now on my Flint2.

Please create a new thread containing your hardware information and so on, so somebody can have a look. Follow this guide as well: How to get support quickly

The MT6000 4.6.0 Beta based on the closed-source driver version has been uploaded to the download center now.