New firmware version 4.6 being released for beta testing

A simpler solution would be for us to just use another Web Server to run LuCI instead of having it start at the same time as GL admin panel. This allows the user to enable the LuCI in the GL admin panel to temporarily modify the advanced settings. After the setup is complete, the user can disable LuCI again.


@yuxin.zou can you guys add Adguard Home admin page via HTTPS? HTTP is extremely insecure…

@yuxin.zou consider adding a function to the GL front end to enable or disable WED. As it is unstable and causes a lot of problems in some specific configurations (e.g. SQM), it would be nice to be able to quickly activate or deactivate it.

There is an experimental patch made by @pesa1234 with this function: luci-app-firewall: add WED enable disable support · pesa1234/luci@791a65c · GitHub

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@yuxin.zou Could you maybe implement a wake on lan button on the web gui clients page to each client, that would be handy, and would be very little work to do mostly coding for just an hour at max or less.

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It is already implemented you need to activate it under Adguard home settings.


Please refer to

We've had a couple of internal discussions about it and finally shelved it. It was too incompatible and difficult to test.
If you are sure your device supports it, you can use luci-app-wol.

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@yuxin.zou MT6000 custom build with LuCi and some optimization - kernel 6.6.x - #414 by pesa1234 - Community Builds, Projects & Packages - OpenWrt Forum
GitHub - pesa1234/MT6000_cust_build: Repo for GL.iNet MT6000 custom build

someone wake me up when there's owrt24 4.6.0 firmware for the mt2500/mt2500a

Very funny. Wake on lan would just be a simple javascript command executing a single line of code, in the form same as luci-app-wol does. The Glinet web gui has the mac address already of the clients, same as luci-app-wol. It would be a programming job for a single person to implement this into the Glinet web gui of about one hour max. I dont want to use the bad implementation of luci-app-wol it is annoying to log in double into web interface. It has nothing to do with "device supporting it" of the router. Just install package etherwake by default which is a tiny package of just 6kb and execute etherwake command through javascript from the web gui. Programming job of 30 to 60 minutes.Or put it into the LAN /DHCP setting gui, either way, it is a programming job for a single person of 30 to 60 minutes and would work an ALL GLinet devices with zero more space to take of flash memory.

I don't know how difficult it is or isn't, but why not write this yourself as a PoC for GL and maybe they will pick it up? It appears it will only take 30-60 minutes of your time.


That is exactly what I will doing, because it is meaningless to talk to a stubborn wall, which is the normal case for most developers.

I have the Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) and would like to join the beta program because of the new features that are offered for helping to connect at hotel rooms. I reset my router to factory defaults in preparation for the new firmware.
I enabled the “Accept Preview Plan” and I would like to know if I must to do a manual update or if it will eventually find the new version of the software automatically through the router interface.
I normally connect using an iPhone and if I want to update by uploading a file, I don’t know if I can do it via iPhone or if I need to connect to a computer.
Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Easiest way is to install the newest beta from this site: GL.iNet download center

I agree with your recommendation. In my case, I am interested to know if this may be accomplished wirelessly with an iPhone or iPad.
I was curious to know if wireless upload from an iOS device is possible/supported or if it is too much of a risk when flashing firmware.
Alternatively, the router may update on its own after a period of time with“Accept Preview Plan” enabled.

Works fine from iOS devices mostly.

You can even install them by using SSH.

A real life example of what happens if GL.iNet is 'getting rid' of features: Firmware 4.3.6 removes features!

You'll see, the users are not very happy.
They want these features without manual configuration. Some uses this, some uses that.

I am happy to choose between OpenVPN and WireGuard from the unpacking on ... But I also would understand if they say 'please install the needed first'...

Go straight to the snapshot.
It's the beta + bugfixes.
Check the release notes of the snapshot.

Here is the """too complicated""" and """difficult""" solution btw, for everyone who wants or needs it:

I altered the script so it would just use manual json data for host, ip and mac. Like I said, it is really simple and possible all with just LUA code, and using etherwake package.

Simple copy the files from the above link, use the altered api.lua I attached, edit dev_list.json, install package etherwake, and done.


	"PC1": {
	  "mac": "11:11:11:11:11:11",
	  "ip": ""
	"PC2": {
	  "mac": "22:22:22:22:22:22",
	  "ip": ""
	"PC3": {
	  "mac": "33:33:33:33:33:33",
	  "ip": ""
ln -s /www/pwol/api.lua /www/cgi-bin/pwol-ctl
chmod +x /www/pwol/api.lua
opkg update
opkg install etherwake


It would be really easy to implement this functionallity into the Glinet Web Gui for all clients, but it is """too complicated""" it seems.

@SimBot Please check it.

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