New firmware version 4.6 being released for beta testing

Were the latest commits (for proprietary driver) being included for the snapshot builds? (MT6000 4.6.* /4.7) Like this one:

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Thanks. We'll make a check.

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I didn't repeat the problem

Can I take a look at this?
You can send it to me privately
thank you

does the Beryl AX op24 firmware include this patch that fixes the unicast crash?

I'm the only one with this problem? :thinking:

What problem?
It is hard to read such a long post.

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That one I answered on the previous message.
Here is:

Version 4.7 is still in alpha ......
The 4.6 op24 release was previously paused for a while in order to quickly fix bugs. it has now been resumed.


I tested my iphone, changed dhcp release to 2 minutes and test. Don't have such problem.
Maybe you can change the dhcp lease shorter to do more testing.
6hours may be too long so that other factors interfere.

pesa1234's build includes a lot of fixes that could lessen the bugs and headache for you guys. please check it :grin:

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I'm finally running flint 2 with 4.6.2 as my main router again.

Should be a smooth experience now that I've ironed out VPN shenanigans.

Is there any reason for the Beta and Snapshots were been removed?
Eddited: I guess it's because the 4.6.2 was moved to the Stable now.

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Can you point me to the new build for berly ax please. There is nothing new in the download center.

@thomasm 4.6.2 is available in software center. It is dated 6-28-2024. This is the latest stable version.

Not for my router, apparently the S1300 is very low priority.

I mean the Native OpenWrt 24 version. Not the stable one.

@thomasm Ah, ok, so unrelated to the 4.6 versions in this thread.

I don't know much about that model, but it shows as discontinued on the gl-inet website. Generally devices fall into maintenance updates and may not get feature updates. Thus, I would not hold my breath for anything in the 4.x branch or newer.

Tested the 2 minutes lease time (by 1 hour); OK
Tested the 30 minutes lease time (by 4 hours); OK
Tested the 120 minutes lease time (by 12 hours). I found one disconnection at midnight.

It renew the lease time some times, but then, it disconnects:

Fri Jul 12 00:46:31 2024 kern.warn kernel: [928837.462225] 7986@C08L2,ap_peer_disassoc_action() 3645: ASSOC - 1 receive DIS-ASSOC request
Fri Jul 12 00:46:31 2024 kern.warn kernel: [928837.470641] 7986@C01L2,wifi_sys_disconn_act() 1002:  wdev_idx=2
Fri Jul 12 00:46:31 2024 kern.notice kernel: [928837.476889] 7986@C08L3,hw_ctrl_flow_v2_disconnt_act() 172: wdev_idx=2
Fri Jul 12 00:46:31 2024 kern.warn kernel: [928837.483990] 7986@C13L2,MacTableDeleteEntry() 1938: Del Sta:cb:ad:0c:e8:ef

Try to disable the option "Auto-connect" on the wif-fi settings on your phone, so when it disconnect you will see easier.

if it helps I have 2 pixel phones. 6 Pro and 4a but I'm not seeing the issue you described.