New Flint Load Balancing Issue

Hello, just got a new Flint, I flashed later 4.1 FW and i enabled it to work in Load Balance mode over WAN (Ethernet) and Repeater. It worked well for some hours but now it only defaults to the WAN so i am not getting any bandwidth aggregation from both the WAN and Repeater (WiFi). I restarted everything multiple times, tried go to Failover mode and then back to Load Balance but still it only uses the WAN. Any help?

I don’t think load balance works well at all on these devices. I got the TP-Link ER605 which has been working exceptionally well for this purpose and also very easy to use.

such a bummer… it worked fine for few hours then it stopped working!

Might eventually get fixed with future updates. They have a major problem at present with wireless repeater connection dropping frequently being reported by several people here and I am not sure whether this is the issue that is causing problems with multi-wan at present or whether there is something else causing it.

Just tried with a 4g USB modem and unfortunately its still the case, it detected the modem under “Tethering”.

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Can you make the small changes to the “tethering” interface section of LUCI as suggested by @coldcuppatea on this other thread?