New GL.iNet Customer

Hello, I have just purchased two new GL.iNet routers for my personal lab and testing environments. I went with the Beryl AX and the Flint router. I was looking to see if there was a Facebook group or community of the like that has a good place to share questions and ideas for projects we are working on. This Forum appears to be more tech support related and not so much a place to share ideas and concepts. I hope this post is appropriate for this forum, and I am eager to get my hands dirty with my two new routers.

– Quinn M.

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Hey Quinn,

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that are in these threads. Here’s an example: I came across a guy, one William Rogers, who’s been working on a pure version of OpenWrt for the Flint & Slate AX… in the feature request thread, 2023 edition, of all places: @solidus1983 .

The Feature Request, 2023 thread is now over 100 posts & counting, with numerous tangentially related/side discussions about individual posts. It’s a bit of a mess if you’ll excuse the understatement. I’ve been making a few forum-related requests for more categories as I think of 'em:

You should know that, as it stands, posts will eventually get buried as time goes by. I’ve tried collating a few:

Anything posted for threads/topics can always be moved to a more specific category if/when GL mods decide to expand the, well, categories.

Don’t feed Meta/Facebook anything more about yourself! You could always set up a Lemmy instance if you really wanted but I gotta say that personally I’m quite enjoying Discourses.

… but before you go digging into your Flint, have a backup @ the ready:


Awesome, thank you so much for the quick and detailed response. Looking forward to joining this awesome community!

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No, just more people asking for help.

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