New issue w GL-X3000 Spitz AX not staying connected

seems to connect, shows blue color on

but the icon on top goes white
Screenshot 2024-02-17 193510

tried “internet” and VZWINTERNET for APN, both connect but soon go white icon above, the first pic stays blue??

need ideas or help to fix, this was working great, was rock solid, before i upgrade to recent firmware…



Update… I turned off Interface status tracking on cellular(see below)

Now the cellular icon stays blue and connected??
Screenshot 2024-02-17 201826


Yes the tracking feature is indeed very buggy! I always turn it off after establishing the connection.

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This issue has been fixed in Version: 4.5 and is awaiting update for release.


Seems to be similar to the issue I have: GL-X3000 - Cellular connection issue - #52 by makkie

Can’t wait for the new firmware release … maybe a beta release is available earlier?

I use custom firewall rules, do we lose this in 4.5 version??

4.5.7 here, the Custom rules panel still exists.

Hi, I’ve the same problem, when is the new firmware going to be released? Thanks

How can i turn off the tracking? Thanks

From the Multi-wan tab.

Thanks a lot, but this has not solved the random disconnection problem.

Hi Summer,

Many thanks :slight_smile: . Just wondering if we have an ETA for the 4.5 release? Fingers crossed

I’m having the same problem. When can we expect the next firmware release?

root@GL-X3000:~# ps | grep 'track\|check_ip'
24738 root      1456 S    /bin/sh /usr/sbin/mwan3track modem_0001 rmnet_mhi0 online
25637 root      1448 S    /bin/ash -c sleep 30;. /lib/functions/;check_ip
26762 root      1448 S    /bin/ash -c sleep 30;. /lib/functions/;check_ip
26806 root      1396 R    grep track\|check_ip

You can see the processes that cause the issue above. Kill it after the establishment of the connection.

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I have tried 30 secs and using and and seems to work ok in tether and repeater, will try for cell service connection