New version 3.200 for AR750s

has anyone managed to install the new testing version (which includes several major updates)?
any impressions?

the readme file says :

V3.200-October 21, 2020
New Features:

  1. Add wpa3 support.
  2. Add IPV6 support.
  3. Upgrade the mqtt version.
  4. Upgrade to 1907 version.
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update post quick testing :

  1. luci seems to be somewhat broken - after logging in a bunch of error messages show up above the content
  2. wireguard client connects properly but the connection speed drops by a factor of 10 (compared to the latest 3.105)
  3. in both the webadmin gui and luci it seems that there are no available packages to install. so i tried to uninstall samba (which i usually do on my devices anyway) and once it was uninstalled it “disappeared” and wasn’t available to re-install too

and now it seems that this version was pulled back from the firmware download site…

can anyone from the GL-iNet support / devs shed some light on what is going on? and should we expect an updated version in the coming days or not?

After 3.104 and since v3.105, I think it is better to wait unless you really want to test as these are still test Firmwares.
I prefer to wait and have Firmware installed without major problems than the last ones although the improvements seem quite good.
Thank you

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very true, but this is why some of us like jumping in and helping out with the testing.
it makes perfect sense for the devs to pull back a build if it seems that it has more issues than normally expected. that’s fine.
all i was saying is that it would be nice to have the team share the reasons for it being pulled. they obviously don’t have to, but it’d be nice for those of use “early testers” and helps focusing the testing on the next version.

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Great news. The stable of OpenWrt 19.07.4 are out since some time now:

On are already available the 19.07.4 at minimum for p.e. follow mainstream router:

I dont know realy how to help gl by testing. If gl woult what are fixed froom 3.104 to the actual 3.105, it cam be it would make sence to check the fixed bugs. Like I remember, its not normal to get information from gl what was fixed. The bug tracer was deleted by gl. So i see only two ways oon this time which possible can help:

Thats my 2 cents

hi @alzhao

I have been using 3.200 for the AR750s since it was uploaded about a month ago, and so far have experienced a very stable use.

since then it was pulled away from the download server and I have not seen any reference to it.

I understand that you are now focusing on polishing 3.105 etc.
but can you please share a rough timeline to when 3.2xx (based on the openwrt 19x) is going to come back into focus?


would anyone at GL-iNET care to respond?
even a response like “we’ll get to it in 6 months” would be fine, just as long as we have a general idea about the platform’s roadmap

The aim is to release 3.105 this month and shift to 3.200 in snapshot next month.