No 5G connection

On my T-Mobile 5G Internet Gateway (Arcadyan KVD21) I have 5G and a download speed of 50mps but it’s not stable. On GL-X3000 Spitz AX 5G NR I only have to option of LTE and the max speed of 15mps. I have changed the IMEI to what is on the T-Mobile and the APN to fbb.home .

You can try lock 5G channel:

Hey, uh, I’m having the exact same issue. On my sagecomm I had 5g, but on the X3000 I’m picking up no 5G. If I lock it to 5G bands like you did, I get SIM card not registered.

Does your contract includes 5G?

Yes, my Sagecomm gateway from T-Mobile connected to 5G. I’m waiting on a new sim.

Are there any AT commands to verify/enable/disable 5G?

Edit: Popped the sim into my old gateway from t-mobile and I immediately get 300/60. I’m so confused :frowning:

I found out that my modem firmware does not have the proper configs for the US. This seems to be an extremely common issue.

Is there a way to file a bug report for this?

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Is this the thread you’re referring to? GL-X3000NR - NO 5G connection for TMO?

Hopefully an update can be pushed in the next few days.