No bluetooth on AP1300 LTE after flashing 4.3.7

I might have missed the advice in the release notes, but I cannot find any trace of Bluetooth in this firmware. How can I make it work again?! Is there any plug-in I can download?

How about mesh, any plan to see it back on old routers after migrating to 4.x? I mean convexa and cirrus.

Thanks a lot.

I haven’t used the BLE function but if I’m not completely mistaken it’s related to the GUI mobile app, glinet App.

What you mean? How can I bring back the GUI menu on OpenWRT?
What about MESH? Do anyone knows when this feature will be available again on 4.x?

Here is a relevant thread that answers your question about mesh on 4.x:

You can’t.

You have to install the older firmware again.

Ok. I’ve reinstalled 3.217 on the one where I use the mesh network.
Thanks a lot for both your clarifications. So no way Qualcomm is gong to update their libraries.

Still I have not understood the situation about bluetooth.
On the one with the old 3.x build I still have the possibility to connect several IoT devices.
How can I bring it back to the 4.3.7?

You can’t afaik since bluetooth support was dropped. (Or is not yet implemented)