No IP address, SIM card not registered on GL-X750

Please help! I successfully connected to Page Plus Verizon, but wanted to try my Straight Talk Verizon because Straight Talk is twice the download speed on the phones! I was unable to connect with Straight Talk so I went back to Page Plus but now I can’t get it reconnected. Darn.

Working settings:

  • Device: /dev/cdc-wdm0
  • Auth: None
  • Proto: auto

However, now the only way I can get “some” connection by changing Proto to qcm. Results:

  • Verizon button is green
  • Upload shows a little activity. No download
  • Bars are displayed momentarily then disappear
  • No IP

To clear settings, I’ve:

  1. Rebooted
  2. Reset modem
  3. Updated firmware

Router has bars so it’s connected, but not registered for internet use. Card works in phone. Using adapter with paper inserted under lock


  • Activated & installed new sim card. No connection
  • Flashed router with ROOter. No connection

I noticed that [Device: /dev/cdc-wdm0] was not an option in ROOter. I suspect that may be the problem. The only ports available are /dev/tty/USB0-5. I’ve tried default & both USB0 & 3 which didn’t work.

The router has a Qualcomm chip. I think it needs to be in QMI mode.

Is there an AT command to add /dev/cdc-wdm0 port?

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Maybe reset the modem with “AT+QPRTPARA=3”

EDIT: You already tried resetting the modem, so skip this post.

Can you try ttyUSB3 as the device? Also make sure the SIM is pre-activated (which I believe yes).

Pls note Verizon is very difficult for uncertified device to connect.

You need to sort this with the SIM provider (PagePlus) - Verizon’s back-end matches the Device IMEI with the IMSI/ICCID of the SIM card - so if it swapped to a device that is not allowed to use the billed rate plan, it can get the SIM locked.

Also, as @alzhao mentions, Verizon has a third party approved device list, which complicates non-approved devices to be used with their SIM’s (or MVNO partners) - the modem is PCTRB registered, so with a roaming SIM (let’s say form Vodafone or Telefonica), it will work, but not with a Verizon or Verizon MVNO.