No setup for new Shadow Router

I’ve just bought a new Shadow GL-AR300M16-EXT, to use as a home wifi.

I use my Android 12 phone for internet and hotspot, but a lot of devices today (like a Fire Stick, and Chromecast) need a home router and will not work off the phone alone. So I want this to be the home router - and either repeat my phone’s satellite internet, or maybe I’ll get a USB modem stick for it.

For now, I am using my phone with Chrome app.

It connects to my phone’s wifi “without internet”, but times out trying to load the setup page.

I’ve tried resetting it, turning off the vpn, “do not track”, safe browsing, page preloading, and even the internet. I’ve typed in properly and switched off the the auto-https setting. But it still times out and the page never shows. It is possible I have a firewall or other things running.

(PS. Another Question while I am here! A lot of Xbox One games need uPNP. My phone hotspot does not have it, so can they run from the Shadow?)

I don’t really understand the first question, you use Shadow to repeater your android 12 phone’s hotspot(first phone), and use another phone connect to Shadow’s wifi, it doesn’t work?

For another question, Shadow can support uPNP by using luci, maybe you can refer to this link Is UPnP Disabled by default?

Yes, I am trying to use Shadow as a repeater for my phone’s hotspot. I try to open the setup page on the same phone, but it times out and doesn’t load.

… on the same phone that’s acting as the WAN source for the Repeater? The one w/ the already engaged radios communicating to the Shadow?

Can you please try another device to connect to the Shadow’s default IP for admin,

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