Noise problem (coil whining) with Flint (GL-AX1800)

I got my Flint and I have been playing a bit with the new device.
Apart from a few bugs, like failing to scan when already connected to a network, the most annoying issue if the continuos noise generated by the router (yes, the router, no the power supply (psu)).
I thought it could be a low quality or faulty original psu generating a non stable signal, so I tried with other compatibles.
Tested with the original psu and other compatible psu (12V 5.5x2.5 standard ones from other routers/mini pc) and the noise persists.
I can attach a file with the noise to illustrate the issue. You can listen the noise clearly from >1m in a silent room.

This is an example of the problem (729.3 KB)

FYI … GL-AX1800 issue

Pls write to and they will exchange for you.

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The router looks great in general, but the high freq. noise (coil whining?) is too annoying to use the device in the same desk you work. Is this an issue related to some devices of the inital batches of the product or a design issue?
If just related to a small subset of the initial batch, how can I buy one/two and avoid finding the same issue again? If design issue, any time estimation for a harware patch/redesign?
I had never seen this in a router, only laptops, low quality psu and gpu. I own other wifi 6 routers (Huawei with internal made Kirin W650 and Xiaomi with Qualcomm IPQ6000) and not even the slightest noise at all.

The noise problem happens on small batch. It is fixed.

If you have any noise problem, just write to and they will exchange one for you.

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Still waiting my refund for more than 2 weeks.
Customer service email does not provide any help beyond vague and empty words.

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They asked me to send mine in for the same issue and am glad I didn’t. Might go Amazon route and do an exchange via them if the new router received works. Am highly skeptical as to the one I would receive after sending the defective one wouldn’t have the same problems.

They overpromised and underdelivered on this router. I convinced 2 other friends to place early bird orders too and they are both experiencing random crash issues but no beeping issue like me.

Please let us know how the refund goes, I might go that route myself.

Finally got my money back, thanks to GL-INet, and ordered again (from Amazon! :grinning:) with successful results. The device works as expected, not noise at all even if you put you ear in the back of the device. Even the new firmware seems to solve a few issue from my previous tests.

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As it has been some days and I am not sure if you issue has been solved.

But if still now, you have my words that if you contact customer service, they will send you a new one immediatelly first, after you receive it, then return the old one.

If this is not the case, come back to me.

if there a manual procedure to do it, i can do it by myself if I know what to do ?