Not Able to Set Up Tailscale on Flint


I recently got a Flint and configured my settings, including updating Tailscale to the latest using the script without issue. I was even able to set up a WireGuard server, and validated that it worked by connecting to it remotely.

However, I am having trouble with setting up Tailscale. I'm able to enable it, but when I click on the link to bind it to service, it times out, and I am not able to do anything.

I assumed it might be due to WireGuard server running, but disabling that does not seem to help. Nor does rebooting the router, which I have done several times. All other router functionality seems to be work just fine.

Any suggestions on how I could troubleshoot this? Thank you!

Was able to resolve it using information from this thread: Tailscale failed to get device binding link