Not all Mullvad servers loaded

Tested on MT300N-V2 and AR150.
Expected result: When import Mullvad server by providing account number it should preload all servers (764 according to Servers | Mullvad VPN)
Actual result: Only server till _jp(Japan) loaded ~347 servers, is this related to some time out ?. Thanks

The UI timesout, but you can just wait because the process is still running on the router. It takes 30 minutes to get all the config when I try yesterday.

We have found way to optimize this and will put on newer firmwares.

Thank you for acknowledging, will wait for an update. Can you also add option to search amount servers, scrolling thr all of them sometimes takes time.


Assuming you’re not going to require all 700 servers, what you can do is extract the ones you do want from the zip provided and then zip back into a much smaller zip and load that on your router. Then you can just have say the 6 servers you use all the time, not have the problem your having, and not have to scroll through a long list.

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If I’m not mistaken he’s referring about the “wizard” went he provides he’s account number and password in the router UI and the router do the “magic”

Exactly, when using Wizard