OpenWRT support of GL.iNet router like GL-AR300M or GL-AR750

Now I checked the support of Open-WRT for gl-inet router. Its looks like a lot of router are supported by actual open-wrt firmware 19.07.4, which support actual security like wpa3, actual samba version and so on:

For DD-WRT of gl-inet router see:

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Hi @Henry_Bruns have you been able to flash the OpenWRT v19 onto ar300m?

I am very interested to be able to use openwrt only as I get too many bugs if I need advanced features.
And when I use the button for disabling the VPN it auto enables masquerading which breaks my VPN.

I tried to install by the UI the update and full version but it said file format is incorrect.
Have you tried Uboot? I tried before but it broke the router and I had to revert to GL’s firmware.

Great little product but a shame with the lack of support. I bought this device for its OpenWRT functionality (actually 11, and was hoping to order more for my business) but I quickly see that it isn’t really working well side by side with GL so I would prefer to just use OpenWRT.

Tip for GL, you obviously can easily install OpenWRT on the device so why not provide the option for customers to easily install the firmware with OpenWRT only? I was disappointed to find out its is shipped with v18 only just a few weeks ago…

I think it is easy enough now.

  • You download firmware from openwrt
  • You upload to the router via its UI
  • You upgrade, do NOT reserve settings.

It definitely doesn’t work that way, it says invalid file format.
I will try Uboot and let you know.

OpenWrt 19.07.4 supports NOR booting only. If you are booting GL firmware on NAND, the upgrade does indeed say invalid format.

You must reflash using Uboot, but it will still boot from the original NAND firmware until you tell it not to. I would suggest you get comfortable with switching between NAND and NOR booting before proceeding.

However OpenWrt Snapshot does support NAND. This will be available in the next release of OpenWrt (20.x.x ? or will it be 21.x.x?) if you don’t want to go down the Snapshot route.