Persistent ARP table

Hello all… I am trying to setup WOL wake on lan it works for awhile then stops. I am using a AR750S

I have a wire-guard sever setup and WOL enabled on my NAS and PC how can I edit the arp tables to make the entries Persistent

I have already bonded the IP address to the mac address in the GLI-net gui.

Thank you for the help and great hardware

Oh and I did enabled WOL in my BIOS also.

Maybe you can share how you did that.

Then find out if there are some logs? program exit?

I have the same question. I tried to set up magic packet broadcast to x.x.x.255 IP address in port forwarding, but it’s not working, see my other post here.

Next workaround, I added a static IP binding to the MAC broadcast address of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF, so I could just forward UDP 7 port (for magic packet) to that IP address and trick the router into doing a MAC broadcast this way:

However that binding entry does not appear in the ARP table, probably because of the note above Mind the configured client has to reconnect the router to come into effect.

How do I add that binding to the ARP table persistently, and will that work?

I searched on the internet, and see this command can be used to add a permanent ARP entry:

ip neighbor add lladdr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx dev ??? nud permanent

What should I insert for the “???” in the above? Should be some kind of device ID.

I’m not advanced with command line and openwrt, could someone please tell me if this will work on GL-iNet routers without problems? I can execute one simple command like that, but if something goes wrong, I will be totally lost, and I don’t want to mess up my main router.