Printer USB with mesh subnode


I had try to connect my printer USB to have it on my network with this todo topic :

But I can’t find my Printer. My printer is connected to the subnode a Mesh (GL-B1300)
Can we have USB of the subnode to work with printer or storage ? (The main node has a USB storage key that work fine on the network).

I have this information on my SSH terminal :
/usr/share/cups/usb: No such file or directory
DEBUG: list_devices
DEBUG: libusb_get_device_list=5

and No printer discord on Cups admin page :

I can acces to USB (for example Hard drive) with connection to the IP of the subnode.
But can we install Cups for share print device on the USB subnode ?

I managed to install the cups print server on the mesh router. It then works to print from the Mac by configuring the printer to “raw” and choosing the right ppd on the Mac.

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