Problem removing USB drive network folders

I inserted a new USB into my GL iNET 300M to use as a network share drive. I then realised that I wanted the drive to be exFAT instead of the FAT32 format it came in. So I removed it, reformatted it on my PC as exFAT and put it back in the 300M.

Now when I access the 300M over the network, I see two drives listed, the OLD FAT32 drive alongside the new exFAT drive.

Only the exFAT drive is read/writable, the FAT32 one is almost like a ghost drive and doesn’t let me do anything to it.

Does anyone know how to remove it from being shown?

Think this is the same question as mine :slight_smile:

Yes looks like the same issue

Sorry if not clear, read the thread and Kyson has give the solution ( and more :slight_smile: )

Yep got it, that helped a lot.

I modified the file /etc/config/samba by opening the file in notepad and removing the old USB entry, then rebooted the router and it was gone.