Problem Setting Up WireGuard on new MV1000 Brume

I just got a new GL-MV1000 Brume to use as an edge router and to put everything in the house through my VPN provider (IVPN) via WireGuard. I’m having issues setting it up.

I downloaded the config file from IVPN and pasted the text from it into the “Configuration” tab, but am getting “ERROR: Config error”.

This is probably a basic n00bism, but any help would be appreciated.

Can you provide me with the configuration or screenshot of the error message, I will help you test it, thank you

On the IVPN website it states that Wireguard is available on some of their apps. No mention that it’s available on a router. Are you sure it’s available on routers?
I’m using my Brume withe AzireVPN’s Wireguard and working like a charm. No configuration files needed, just your username and password since the Brume is already preprogrammed for AzireVPN.

It is possible to get any wireguard provider to work, but if it is not included in the UI, then manual config is required :slight_smile:

Thanks wellnw! The error literally just says “ERROR: config error” without explanation. But there’s a good reason.

IVPN got back to me to correct me: the instructions I linked are for OpenVPN, not WireGuard. I think in my sleep deprivation last night I got my wires crossed between two of my 60 open tabs.

IVPN also mentioned that “WireGuard on OpenWrt might not work as expected due to the experimental nature of the WireGuard packages. In time, as WireGuard development moves from experimental to stable, OpenWrt support may be more complete.” Fair enough. I asked them for help trying out WireGuard with the Brume’s Manual Input fields, and will let you all know if I can get it to work.

Hopefully WireGuard being added to the Linux kernel will make this all super-easy in the future for Luddites such as myself.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have tested with ivpn last year.

I tested ivpn about a month ago and it worked fine with 3.027

post your conf file (so long as your are not a paying user) and someone can test if it works or not.


IVPN referred me to a page on their site that I’d missed with detailed instructions for setting up WireGuard on a variety of operating systems. Per IVPN tech support’s email, I followed the Windows instructions until I was done setting up the configuration, then copied and pasted it into the field on the Brume’s GUI.

The only problems I had were that my connection to the Brume decided to stop working properly, and the “Connect” button wasn’t popping up. I referred to GL-iNet’s instructions (which have some incorrect screenshots if I’m not mistaken), and didn’t understand why it wasn’t showing up. Once I turned off my VPN connection on my laptop, it worked fine.

Aside from that hiccup it was pretty easy, and I’m only seeing about a 4% degradation in my download speed. We’ll see if this breaks any of my devices’ functionality, but right now I can’t complain. Thanks to all of you for the help.

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