Products End of Life (EOL) Notice


Why is Brume(W) also not for sale??

We use the mt300n-v2 a lot but have a USB device that only seems to work on the AR150/AR300M-lite.
The AR150 has one Ethernet port and the AR300M-lite has one Ethernet.

The AR300M16 is what you say is the direct replacement for the AR150 but it has two Ethernet ports so it’s not clear to me which is which.

Which exactly is the direct replacement of the AR300N-lite? Is it still the AR300M16?

The strange part is that the USB device can be seen on the AR150/300 with the exact same packages that the MT300N-V2 has but the MT300N-V2 cannot see the same device in its USB port.

The replacement model, is not the exact model as the EOL one. So not every feature can be the same.

Both AR150 and AR300M-Lite can be easily replaced by AR300M16. AR150 and AR300M16 both have two Ethernet ports.

AR300M16 only has one more Ethernet ports compared to AR300M-Lite. So nothing else different.

MT300N-V2 and AR300M16 are different in Chipset. For USB devices the difference should be software modules, not hardware.

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Do you plan to release a device with a USB interface for network connection? (to replace USB150 Microrouter)

That is a wish. There is no hope because no appropriate chipset.


Yeah this is very confusing why this was discontinued.

The Brume (non-w)was providing connectivity for users who don’t need the Wifi, like me, now I am forced to buy more expensive unit with AX when I don’t even want or need AC, AN, N, G or even b. I just want router with three ports and good CPU/RAM/Drive space where I can run OpenWRT.

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Maybe need to find other chipset. The problem is that the chipset for Brume is not available now.


The GL-AX1800 is available now and there is a smaller one also with quadcore to be released soon.

So the Brume is marked as EOL on the website, what will replace it (without wifi)? Is there a newer model coming out? And most important, Will the Brume see FW v4?


There will be a newer model to replace Brume.

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Will the Brume get the Firmware v4?

I still cannot promise now.


Since I got the router, it has barely been 2 years since the kickstarter campaign is now rubbish if we do not get v4 , Estimated delivery

Sep 2020


When will this replacement for Brume be available? Any scheduled date?

I agree. With such strong hardware, I’m surprised it won’t get v4.


For the next gen of Brume, we can support V4 and latest OpenWrt.

But the current brume has better hardware than others with 4.x already

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That’s why I bought five more I was able to find on Amazon when I learned they were end of life. It’s a great platform and sad to see it discontinued on account of chip shortages.


It’s BS to drive new sales of new devices, that’s what it its

The GL-MV1000 Brume chipset is in shortage and very hard to find, we have no choice but to set it to be discontinued. The replacement option is here: GL-MT2500 / Brume 2 - GL.iNet