QoS / Traffic Prioritization

Is there any documentation someone could point me to regarding QoS setup if the firmware supports it? I have VoIP line that I want to prioritize traffic over everything else, but I can’t seem to find anything on whether or not that is something I can even do.


Maybe you can refer to this guide? [OpenWrt Wiki] QoS configuration /etc/config/qos

Unfortunately, that isn’t useful.

The very first line says: "Do NOT install multiple QoS-packages simultaneously! "

On my device (GL-iNet 3100), there is a package called ‘gl-qos-internal’.

It sets up traffic classes and attaches queuing disciplines (qdisc).

But, let’s assume you do not have ‘gl-qos-internal’ on your router; should you pick:

  • luci-app-qos
  • luci-app-sqm
  • luci-app-wshaper

I, personally, have no idea.

Hi @akumria im in the same boat but already installed SQM and now trying to work out why it won’t work.
I checked installed packages and have this “QOS Internal” installed.
Dont want to delete anything.
Not sure if I had the QOS option in the menu before I installed SQM, didn’t check.

I have one WAN which is my tethered phone and trying to limit the bandwidth to save data.

Really struggling.

Did you get anywhere with your setup?


Has anyone removed gl-qus and gotten luci-app-sqm to work?

I didn’t think it was necessary to enable sqm and glqos at the same time, so I disabled glqos a few days ago. Yes, it’s working very well :+1:
(However, the module has not been deleted.)

I also disabled offloading in Firewall settings on LuCI.
Now that I’m suffering from another metric issue, I didn’t want to make it too complicated.

As stated here should not have two different qos packages installed at same time. Same as 2 years ago. [OpenWrt Wiki] QoS configuration /etc/config/qos