Re-adding devices from portal after reset

As the title says, we have some devices that have been reset from our fleet of routers. We would like to remove the old entries (which are currently showing offline in the portal) and add them again with the new parameters such as IP address and name. However, we are unable to remove the entries from the portal, which tells us that they cannot be readded since they are already present/registered.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Kind regards.

Sorry, for some reason we briefly disabled this feature, it will be available next week.

Hi @yuxin.zou ,

could you kindly elaborate on “for some reason we briefly disabled the feature”? Could we have a more official explanation for the issue, and a more accurate timeframe for resolution than “next week”, which for us is very vague?

Simply said, we have suffered a hacking attack. During the emergency fix for the vulnerability, some high-risk operations were disabled.
It will be available next Monday.

Please elaborate?
Is there a page with more info on such incidents?

Since Goodcloud and Astrorelay are tapping remotely into people‘s routers, such incidents need to be made transparent.

Can you provide a full COE with root cause, mitigation and log of what happened. As @spamatiki mentioned, such incidents require transparency to the users.

The story can be found at

More technical details are being prepared. We have to fix all the vulnerabilities first, then we have to explain to users.

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@yuxin.zou I confirm now able to delete the devices. Will revert back if situation changes.