Remote admin

I want to remote admin to the router gui. SSH is port 22 - where do I set up a port forward for this? 22 doesn’t seem to work.

You didn’t specify the router but here is a link:

Set up a port forward there.

Remember you need to do the same on the main router if you have one upstream from the GL router.

You can also use the GLDDNS to have a nice fixed address to connect to if your ip is not static.
You can enable SSH access directly on that page:

The router is the MT-300N. I’m connected to Airvpn, so that eliminates the ddns requirement. Air supports port forwarding, and that is how I remotely connect to other devi es on the lan. Normally on the lan side I would browse to to log into the router admin, but remotely if I forward to port 22 I get no response. I’m just trying to find out if the port number is wrong. I want access to the advanced menu of the gui on the router. I’m not very adept at using ssh.

If you want to forward the actual WebUI that is not recommended but if you really must, you need to forward port 80, not 22. The connection won’t be secure so be careful.

I would instead recommend you forward port 22 and connect via SSH + Tunnel port 80.

You can read about that here: