Repeater mode for LAN and WAN ports of Gli. Is it possible?

Hi guys.

GL-AR300M work fine as the wi-fi repeater.

However, I did not find the way to make LAN and WAN ports of Gli working in the configuration to provide internet for two ethernet-connected clients (I want to use Gli as the ‘Wi-Fi bridge’ for 2 ethernet-connected devices).

Gli connects to the main router, ‘repeats’ the signal via wi-fi, but do not share it with its LAN and WAN ports :frowning:

In other words: I want Gli to be connected to the main router via Wi-FI, at the same time I want it to share internet for 2 PCs which are connected to GLI via LAN and WAN ports. In this configuration, Gli would ‘emulate’ ethernet connection in the situation when 2 PCs cannot have a direct cable-based connection to the main router but can use Gli as the small ‘radio bridge’.

P.S. Sorry for the terminology I used, however, I have no any problems when using Airport Extreme (as the main router) and Airport Express as the device which connects to the main router via wi-fi and which shares internet for 2 ethernet-connected devices. Unfortunately, I could have not repeated this configuration with Gli :frowning:

You can use repeater (WISP) and share the connection to the LAN. This is the default configuration.

If you want to share it to the WAN, you need to set up bridge mode using the hardware button. In the UI you can enable the hardware button function. Set it to bridge mode, then move the switch to the right side so that WAN will work as LAN.