Repeater mode for LAN port of AR750S-Ext?

Good morning/afternoon,

If you use the AR750S-Ext Router as a Wireless Repeater can a Laptop Ethernet Port receive the Internet connection from the Lan Port of the Router as suggested by alzhao in the following Topic posted to this Forum?

Repeater mode for LAN and WAN ports of Gli. Is it possible?

Many thanks, MTB.

In the UI you can change wan to lan with one click.

Then set up repeater.

Hi alzhao,

I need clarification as to what you mean please.

I have read the instructions on the following page but there is nothing about receiving an Internet Connection via a LAN port when using the Router in Repeater mode.

Are you saying that you need to configure the WAN port as a LAN port to be able to receive the Internet Connection via the Laptop’s Ethernet Port?

Thanks, MTB.

NO. That is not what I mean.

You can just set up repeater and get connection in the lan port.

I am not sure what you want in your first post. I thought you want to make wan to work as lan.

Here is some actual helpful info for those with this issue.

I am using the slate (GL-AR750S-ext) as a condo/hotel/etc repeater. And I also wanted the ethernet connection off the lan port to connect to another wifi router to create a local network that the kiddies could use to play multiplayer minecraft on the local network. Well, as indicated by mtb above, the lan port isn’t live.

So to get it going, do this: On the slate interface go to more settings/advanced, and reenter the password. now go to network interfaces. Select WAN in the blue text at the top of this page, then physical settings that is down the page a few lines. Click bridge interfaces and under interface select something like VLAN eth0.1 (lan) (not positive the wording now, seems to have changed after I selected it). Then I had ethernet on the lan port of the slate.